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When an actor stumbles into their fandom on Tumblr:


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Oh Josh… Stop talking about that pussy


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Josh Hutcherson in Cannes, May 17th

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Paris, 5/7/2014

créditos: A21

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I actually really needed to read this right now.

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Panem today. Panem tomorrow. Panem forever. (x)

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okay lionsgate this isn’t funny anymore

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So I was in the middle of writing a post about Gale and looking for a quote when I came across this…

Words.  I think of words and I think of Peeta.  How people embrace everything he says.  He could move a crowd to action, I bet, if he chose to.  Would find the things to say.  But I’m sure the idea has never crossed his mind. — Catching Fire, pg. 124

And then I swear my heart shattered.  Because with this one simple thought of hers in mind…another moment comes to mind…when Peeta is being interviewed by Caesar Flickerman (Mockingjay, pgs. 20 - 26) he brings forth the idea that Katniss didn’t know what she was doing and Caesar says, “Okay, Peeta, I believe you."  Believe.  All Peeta did is speak in her defense and Caesar believes him.  That just blows my mind, and then she has a thought in this scene, in this moment that makes my heart break…when he puts forth the idea of the cease-fire…

Oh, he made it sound like he were condemning both sides in the war.  But at this point, with only minor victories for the rebels, a cease-fire could only result in a return to our previous status.  Or worse. — Mockingjay, pgs. 26 - 27 

She knows that there can’t be a cease-fire, but what did Peeta have to do, on his end to get the opportunity and approval to project Katniss the way that he did??  What did he have to endure to come to her defense??

Now let’s move on to her conversation with Gale…

"Then they needed someone to set the whole thing in motion.  They needed you."

"They needed Peeta, too, but they seem to have forgotten that," I say.

Gale’s expression darkens.  ”Peeta might have done a lot of damage tonight.  Most of the rebels will dismiss what he said immediately, of course.  But there are districts where the resistance is shakier.  The cease-fire’s clearly President Snow’s idea.  But it seems so reasonable coming out of Peeta’s mouth.”

I’m afraid of Gale’s answer, but I ask anyway.  ”Why do you think he said it?”

"He might have been tortured.  Or persuaded.  My guess is he made some kind of deal to protect you.  He’d put forth the idea of the cease-fire if Snow let him present you as a confused pregnant girl who had no idea what was going on when she was taken prisoner by the rebels.  This way, if the districts lose, there’s still a chance of leniency for you.  If you play it right.”  I must look perplexed because Gale delivers the next line very slowly.  ”Katniss … he’s still trying to keep you alive.” — Mockingjay pgs. 29 - 30 

Now with all of that in mind.  Let me draw your attention back to one sentence of the first excerpt I shared, but I’m sure the idea has never crossed his mind.  And follow that immediately up by, but it seems so reasonable coming out of Peeta’s mouth. The two fit together so seamlessly.  She thinks of words, she thinks of Peeta.  A cease-fire seems like a good idea (in some places) because it comes from Peeta.

Snow is using Peeta both to get at Katniss, and his influence over Panem at large, to take control back.

Peeta agreed to do something that he wouldn’t agree to under normal circumstances, just to keep Katniss safe.  He’d do whatever it took to keep her safe.

"Because that’s what you and I do.  Protect each other." — Mockingjay, pg. 302

They may be out of the arena, but the games are still going on.  They’re still trying to protect each other.  Katniss realizes because of his putting out the idea of the cease-fire he would need a hell of a lotta help, to get him out of the death penalty, so Prim suggests that Katniss could pretty much do whatever she wants and they’d have to agree to it.  Katniss asks for Peeta’s immunity.

And even when he’s deteriorating, and it seems like he’s losing all sanity and his grasp on reality and he’s shaking and nothing seems right with him at all he still keeps that promise…

"And you … in Thirteen … dead by morning!"

They protect each other.  That’s kind of their thing.  That’s what they do.  And even though the Games are over, they’re still going to do that, because they need each other.  They do.  They need each other.

Now, excuse me while I go cry myself to sleep…

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